LIFE: A Squiggly Line (A tangled mass)

October 8, 2017 Kim And Nicole 2 comments

From the graphic alone, we KNOW you can relate. What an eventful year it’s been so far, for The Go Factor, and for us, personally.  Of course, we all know that life & business are never totally separate. 


The year so far has found us serving wonderful clients, while very much in the throes of attracting new ones.  This happens organically through word of mouth referral and online recommendations. Given that we are a very social business, word of mouth has given way to “World Of Mouth”. Please click below to connect with us on these social media channels. We promise to deliver interesting, informative, and hopefully, inspiring content for you.


We are rolling out the red carpet and throwing confetti to celebrate the next level of communication and service in our new business.


When you enter into the startup life, nothing is guaranteed, and we are both excited to uncover new paths, new territory, and great opportunities to be of service to people who need to GO to the next level in their lives and businesses.

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So far, we have collaborated with fabulous people doing great work in our world, like:

  • Ongoing consulting, branding and marketing for an expert in college placement and testing:
  • Other new and beautiful websites like PeopleForward
  • Writing speeches, press releases and content for various speakers, publications and websites.
  • Designing logos and collateral material for printing.
  • Organizing and executing such as:
    • Black-tie, surprise parties, memorial celebrations, family reunions, appreciation/recognition events, sales events, all night grad parties and press parties
    • Corporate Holiday parties
    • A Mega-Yacht Regatta in the BVI
    • Grand Openings/ Open Houses
    • A Christmas party for troops being deployed
    • Hospitality tents for the PGA and US Open for Unisys
    • A new satellite office for Atlas Oil
    • Election campaigns
    • Trade Show Booths
    • Cocktail receptions for the governor of Michigan and various senators
    • Auction fundraising events
    • A children’s program for a resort in the BVI
    • Catastrophic illness support for families and other caregivers


We’ve also travelled domestically and internationally, taking care of business.

Here’s a short list of all the places we’ve been so far:   🇮🇹   🇫🇷   🇪🇸   🇭🇺   🇨🇦   🇲🇽   🇦🇺   🇨🇭

  • Our domestic travels have taken us to California, Michigan, Colorado, Texas, Washington, Minnesota, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, The Carolinas, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Hawaii, New York, Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia, Kentucky, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Utah, Arizona, Louisiana...
  • And internationally to Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Hungary, Mexico, Australia, Switzerland, BVI, US Virgin Islands, Japan, Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Africa, Thailand...

And, Kim managed to gracefully break her foot in the midst of a conference call along the way, so she’s hobbling around in a very attractive, stylish boot.  BTW, in case you were wondering, she finished the conference call before heading to the hospital for XRays! Fortunately, this does not stop the creative flow, and the ability to get “stuff” done, as we are both genetically hard-wired for productivity, even in the face of life’s circuitous circumstances.

If you’d like to learn more about us, you can always refer to our bios here and better yet, get in touch with us at to schedule a brief consultation about how we can help you get MORE of everything you desire in your life & business.  We can get you GO-ing in the right direction.  We've collectively covered so much territory in the real-life trenches, that we are confident we can help get you unstuck and on a roll like we have been!


You can also find us sharing articles of interest, relevant to the things we care about, on the social media channels, so, again, please connect, LIKE, FOLLOW, and SHARE here:




We are eager to welcome new friends and clients who become friends.

We appreciate your time, and we’ll continue to bring you “real solutions for real people”, every day.


Thank you for reading this far. Remember to come say hello on our social channels, AND, please join our email list here. We promise to keep your contact information confidential!


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Congratulations on your launch and what a great blog post. This will definitely help me think of people who need your services, and click to i can easily refer them to you!! Go go go, The Gooooo Factor!

Nicole Abaté Ducarroz

Thank you!