Passwords Simplified

December 6, 2017 Kim And Nicole 2 comments

Et Voila! Five reasons why it is important to get your passwords organized & secure today!  

1.   In an emergency situation, you have this information at your fingertips.

2. Things like travel and online shopping are easier and quicker.

3. Secure and encrypted passwords are more difficult to hack.

4.  Passwords are accessible on all your devices.

5. It's a great gift of organization for anyone on your list!

1Password App is the ticket to organize your passwords and more!

While it seems that there are many different password organizing tools popping up on a daily basis, in our eyes this one is a clear winner!

If you are wondering how in the world to organize all of your very important information in a very secure way in a world of house fires, hackers, and technology, here is a way to do it!  This program will generate secure passwords (no more Fido123 as a password!), and organize your passwords (no more keeping a file somewhere that can be hacked, or on a piece of paper "somewhere" in your hard files); This is a way to organize your social security, passport & credit card numbers.

From their website, "the world’s most secure and easiest to use password manager. 1Password keeps you safe online by locking away your passwords, credit cards, identities and any other information in a secure vault - all protected by the one password only you know."

1.   In an emergency situation, you have this information at your fingertips

When I need my health insurance information, I don't ever have to fumble to find my card; I have it on my phone.  

2.  Travel and online shopping just got easier and quicker.

While I shop online, it is so much easier to copy and paste my visa number without having to retype the whole number each time.

Personally, I don’t save my visa card numbers in individual shopping website shopping sites because I don’t know how secure those individual sites are (read Target hacked!)!  I just open up 1password when I purchase something online and copy and paste the credit card information.  Of course, we still recommend local shopping as often as possible!

3.   Secure and encrypt your passwords

1Password is the answer for your needs on all of your devices!  (Of course, there is the free KeyChain for Mac OS but it is limited to Mac products only).  I have been using 1Password for well over 2 years now, and my husband, an original hacker back in the day, has vetted 1Password as well. This product is encrypted and secure!   

4.   Passwords accessible on all your devices.

I can use this across many platforms, including Mac OS, Windows, iPhone, Android. So, if I change devices, no matter where I am in the world, I have all my passwords with me and I am not caught somewhere in limbo.  

I even save my kids information like passport numbers and a photo of their passport page, health insurance numbers, health forms and medical/shot records, frequent flyer numbers, etc. Basically I now have  all of this information safely at my fingertips.  When I was recently in China and I was the guardian for another female BMX rider, I put a photo copy of her passport securely in my 1Password app! Et Voila!

5.   It's a great gift for anyone on your list.

Help your friends and family get organized! What a wonderful gift in an age of more STUFF or for someone who seems to have everything but just needs a way to organize it all!

It’s not free, but almost free at $2.99/month for an individual plan or $4.99/month for family our humble opinion...worth every penny.  

By the way, we are in no way affiliated with the company, nor are we getting anything for our endorsement. We simply love to spread good ideas along!


Good Idea

  • Keep it simple
  • Get organized
  • Give a gift that is not more 'stuff'


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SHOP LOCALLY: Especially during these crazy California Wildfires, we encourage everyone to shop locally.  Sometimes, however, that is not possible, and when its not, then supporting small businesses is a great idea.  Of course, a person's sanity is equally important so a person must weigh out all their options!

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Lynn Abate-Johnson

Great tips, thank you!! I really need to get onto this.

Nicole Abaté Ducarroz

Thanks Lynn!