The Go Factor is a consulting powerhouse.

We provide real strategies for real people, helping people get unstuck in life & business.  

By collaborating with our clients, we develop fresh ideas, utilizing unique systems 

and creative tools to promote growth! 

TheGoFactor Time Unstuck Systems

Not your normal cups of tea . . . 

Meet the plucky 1/2 Chaldean cousins who are behind TheGoFactor.


Go-Getter Nicole - The techy one (West Coast Office)The software engineer mastermind behind TheGoFactor. Uber organization keeps her on task...mostly. Nicole thrives on risk taking and adventure. With infectious enthusiasm, she has founded and chaired many organizations and causes.  This includes a Waldorf inspired public school in Northern California and a successful public office campaign.  An authority on managing projects and 'getting it done', she has wrangled million-dollar budgets while holding down the organic fort at home. Nicole is a great listener and a force of empowerment.  She resides in our California Wine Country office with her Swiss husband and 3 kids, supplying never-ending #TipBits #Sonoma #TheGoFactor  


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Go-Getter Kim - The creative one (Midwest Office)Innovation and extraordinary people skills have consistently driven her corporate accomplishments. It is her witty irreverence that separates her from the rest. A Communications and English major, Kim is a public relations guru, a public speaker and an unfiltered literary whiz. She has planned events worldwide. They include a mega-yacht regatta in the British Virgin Islands, a last minute party for a group of 200 marine families facing immediate deployment to Iraq, and a reception for the Governor of Michigan. Wife of 25 years, and fun-loving mother to 3 college students, including twins (where did the time go?)! #EmptyNester #Detroit #TheGoFactor

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The sister cousins are passionate about a well-balanced life, family, education and TAKING ACTION!

If you get, give. If you learn, teach. -- Maya Angelou 


We strive to keep our business practices GREEN!  THINK globally, ACT locally; THINK personally, ACT communally

We LOVE Moo business cards The paper is  made in a factory powered by sustainable energy, 100% recycled, recyclable, and free of harmful chemicals. 

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