Twelve Ways to Make The Holidays The Most Meaningful Yet!

December 5, 2016 Kim And Nicole No comments exist

1. Stay balanced......remember the reason for the season!!


  clock-feathered2. Donate the precious gift of your time.  

  • Volunteer as a family at a soup kitchen.
  • Get a group together for a night of caroling at a senior living home or a hospital.
  • Allow someone to go in front of you in a long line.
  • Offer to sit for a caregiver to give them a break.
  • Rake an elderly neighbor's leaves.
  • Take a meal over to someone, just because!
  • Send an anonymous note to someone, telling them how special they are.
  • OUR FAVORITE THIS YEAR...Check this out!!! Spoiler alert, get the tissues ready...The White Envelope: The White Envelope.


Think about how good you feel when you help others in need and teach your children the importance of this.

  • Donate your gently used business attire to “Dress for Success”, an organization that empowers women with support and attire to help them thrive.
  • Make some portable homeless backpacks to keep in your car to give away.  Purchase inexpensive back packs from the thrift store.
  • Create a care package for a soldier.
  • When you go through the coffee line or toll booth, pay it forward. Ie pay for the person’s coffee or toll behind you.
  • Help your children make some easy tie fleece blankets in fun patterns from Joanne Fabrics and then donate them to a children’s wing at a hospital.
  • Take homemade dog treats to your local shelter that you and your kids have baked.
  • Be aware of a friend that may not have local family during the holidays and invite them to a meal.
  • Bake and deliver holiday treats to a retirement home.

4. Unique gift websites 

The Grommet                   Uncommon Good             The Oddity Mall

AlwaysFits                        HomeClick                        The Good Trade

Sundance                        ThinkGeek                         G-Form

Joby                                 CoolMaterial                     The Leif Shop

5. Count 25 of your blessings, write them down and keep them with all of the ornaments that you put away for the following year!!


6. Shop locally, Think globally

While we love to shop locally in support of our mom and pop stores, even if it means spending a few extra dollars, our hectic schedules sometimes call for the convenience of online shopping.  We’ve found some online stores not only support small businesses, but some have done their homework finding creative and unique gifts that will not be regifted because the are as awesomely practical as they are nice looking. 



screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-1-43-23-pm  7. Make or use 24 days of giving calendar.



8. Make or recycle gifts, consider giving consumables/baked goods.


9. Start a neighborhood game of "You've been elfed"screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-10-29-33-am

Kids will love this tradition....Bring treats to a neighbor and leave this note anonymously, which asks them to continue the tradition.  Make sure to leave the note from this link, You've been elfed,  so they can put the note in their window so they won't be elfed again!


10. The Little Free Library         screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-1-45-45-pm

Donate some of your books that have been collecting dust for someone else to enjoy at your local little free library.  If you don't already have one and are feeling ambitious, start one yourself!


screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-1-46-48-pm  11. StoryCorps

Have your kids download the App, Storycorps on their phone. Then, drop them off at their grandparents' house for the afternoon with a packed lunch of goodies.  The App will give them suggestions for questions to ask and they can also come up with their own.  This is a great way, not only for the children to spend valuable time with their grandparents, but also to preserve family memories for generations to come.


12. Digitize old family photos/movies

Get old photo albums/movies and have them digitized.  Costco did Kim's.  Make copies for everyone and VOILA! You have holiday gifts for the whole family!

Rah with 3 brothers HAKIM



Good Idea

  • Balance
  • Give some of your time
  • Keep it Simple Sweetheart
  • Think Globally, Shop Locally
  • Create Traditions
  • Happy Holidays!


   Zen Habits

   Gifts w/ Social Purpose


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