References & Testimonials

Michael Layne

President - Marx Layne & Co.

Kimberly is a top-notch communications professional; Creative, thorough, results-oriented, collaborative, and intelligent.


Corey Clothier

VP Product Management - Local Motors, Inc.

Kim helped me with marketing and PR strategy and execution for a start-up. She is AMAZING! Kim is an absolute expert in all forms of marketing and business development strategy. She is creative, energetic and so fun to work with. I'd almost launch a new start-up just to hire her! If YOU hire Kim, you'll be happy.


Sharon Burnor

Owner - The Varsity Scholar

I can't begin to thank The Go Factor (Kim & Nicole) enough for the incredible job they have done branding my business; including designing & building my new name, logo, and website!! They create perfection from very basic ideas that  I could barely articulate. I was constantly amazed watching my website become a perfect representation of my company. These women are so intuitive, caring & professional. They listened, then turned my thoughts into a website for which I am so proud! I can't recommend them highly enough!!


Shirryl Bayless

Owner - SBI Graphic Services

Nicole helped change how I do things at home and with my work, which is another way of saying she helped changed my life.

So the kitchen cabinets opened and she thoughtfully taught me how to review and understand food labels. Out went the big black garbage bag full of things from my kitchen that contained harmful ingredients, in came a rice cooker, a better way to set up the kitchen and effective routines. In my home office we had inspiration and real forward planning after discussing my all-over-the-place needs.

Nicole is a luminous person to know - present, caring, experienced, patient, all those things. The Go Factor is so appropriately named!


Lynn Johnson

Founder -  People Forward

A Social Business Development Agency

Just one of these accomplished, power-house women would be plenty to help ANYONE get unstuck and propelled forward, out of the ruts life sometimes has us in, and with two, we have a one-two knock-out, award-winning team.

Kim and Nicole have such a deep and diverse range of experiences under their belts that everything is possible, once you commit to working with them to resolve “issues in your tissues”, along the roller-coaster of life.

And - it’s likely you’ll have some smiles and belly laughs along the way, even in the most daunting of situations.

Get this team onto YOUR team. Thank me later!

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Tor Hough

Founder - Elm Analytics LLC

Kim is a smart, energetic and innovative professional. Her enthusiasm is infectious to those around her. She engages others with respect and has a positive disposition that fuels creativity and productivity.