Quirky Facts About the Women Behind The Go Factor

March 10, 2016 Kim And Nicole 1 comment
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Lets face it.  It is the random facts about people that are the most interesting, not the polished bio’s.


So, in the spirit of enlightenment, we decided to absolutely thrill you with some random facts about us.  Brace yourself for 10 of our claims to fame.


Go Nicole

  • Sported long grey dreadlocks for 10 years, until last year
  • Was a national pairs roller skating champion
  • Used to live in a roller rink
  • Her nose flairs when she laughs
  • Was once in  a plane crash in Hillsdale, MI with her dad as the pilot (It was a real coinkydink that Kim was attending Hillsdale College at the time and heard breaking local news about the crash, not knowing it was Nicole!)
  • Fluent in French and so are her kids...and so is her Swiss Hubby for that matter
  • Got married and had her first child in France
  • Had her feet cleaned by fish in Venice, Italyfish random facts about the women behind the go factor
  • Her middle child was born underwater
  • Has a freckle on the top tip of her left ear

Go Kim

  • Once took out a mailbox in her neighborhood when she noticed rolls on her stomach. 2 years later hit a car in front of her for the same reason
  • A baboon jumped into the top of her jeep in Africa and stole a stalk of bananas
  • Once fell off of a train in England
  • Put a sign on her college door saying that a test had been rescheduled...when it hadn’t
  • Used to wear footy pj’s with a long coat to take her kids into school
  • Had to make an emergency landing due to a bomb scare on her way to England
  • Was her college mascot
  • Came face to face with a stingray whilst snorkeling in the Bahamas
  • Broke her arm sleepwalking as a nipper
  • Has a freckle in the white of her eye


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Pam Dolphin Hakim

You are both too funny!